Pop Warner Forms

The following items are needed to complete a participant’s registration:

1. A PHOTOCOPY of participants Birth Certificate for Pop Warner to keep on file.

2. A current updated picture of participants needed with registration.

3. Completed PARTICIPANT CONTRACT AND PARENTAL CONSENT FORM with parent’s/guardian’s signature.

4. Completed PHYSICAL FITNESS & MEDICAL HISTORY FORM dated during the year 2016 stating that the participant is physically fit to participate in Football or Cheerleading. This document can be either the document provided to you or a note signed by the physician indicating that the child is physically fit to participate in Pop Warner. We will need this physical before your child can begin practicing on August 1, 2015.

5. COPY OF YOUR CHILD’S FINAL REPORT CARD from the 2015/2016 school year showing successful completion of the academic year is needed prior to the first day of practice. Pop Warner requires satisfactory educational achievement in order to participate in its program. For those children attending Lake Street, Bridgeport and/or Bolivar Schools, a copy of the front portion of the green report card, indicating the year of the report card, along with the child’s name, MUST be provided. We are not interested in a copy of the “comments” section of the report card.

PLAYERS NOTE: Placement on a team is at the discretion of the Football Coordinator and will involve discussion with the child’s parents/guardian.